Rowing 4 Reefs

Earthrace Conservation and The Peter Andre Foundation

Thank you for visiting and being part of my attempt to row solo across the Pacific in June 2014. No engine, no sails, just me, a rowing boat called Bojangles, a set of oars, enough supplies to last for up to 90 days alone and unsupported at sea, and a desire to bring some much needed awareness to two issues very close to my heart - ocean conservation and kidney cancer awareness.

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The race will start from Monterey Bay, CA (around 90 miles south of San Francisco) and finish in Hawaii. Covering approximately 2400 miles of open ocean by the most direct route, although wind and currents may increase that distance considerably! It has been estimated by the race organisers that a four man crew may take between 30-55 days, a pair between 35-80 days and a single (that's me!) between 45-90 days.


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Earthrace Conservation Founder, Pete Bethune said of Daryls challenge "Daryl is rowing, single-handed, across the Pacific Ocean, between California and Hawaii - a distance of 2,400 nautical miles. I rowed 24 miles the other day and was totally bushed." Read more.......
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